Four Seasons Hualalai Wedding | Jordan and Scott

They say that when God closes a door, he opens a window. But I’m not sure that’s quite right.

Sometimes we find ourselves in front of a door. It’s a perfectly good door, from all we can tell. One that leads into what seems to be a perfectly acceptable passage. We think, “Well great! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” But then God shuts it. He shuts it good and hard. And we are confounded! What was wrong with that door?! I liked that door. Heck, I’m pretty sure I loved that door!

But we only think that because we haven’t seen the ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING door that God has opened for us on the other side of the room. No mere window he’s opened that’s a tight squeeze and not quite right. A custom door with impeccable finishings made just for you. You thought you loved that first door? Pfft, honey, step right over here and find out what real love is all about. And just wait until you see what’s on the other side.

There is absolutely no doubt that Scott is the door of Jordan’s dreams. (Okay, you’re right, I think this metaphor has run its course.) But seriously, when these two found each other (on a blind date of all places), I think they both realized pretty immediately that they had found EXACTLY what they didn’t even know they were looking for.  And their families likewise weren’t too far behind on the discovery.

By the time their Four Seasons Hualalai wedding on the big island of Hawaii rolled around just about a year later we had 12 very excited people. And above all two very VERY excited photographers. I have rarely been so overwhelmed by a location and a wedding party. No doubt, this one was special, and the photos and video certainly prove it. Lets check it out. (And make sure you scroll alllllllll the way to the bottom for the “trash the dress” amazingness!)

Scott’s ring was custom made for the day and is a great demonstration of his impeccable taste (along with Jordan’s fabulous style also prevalent throughout the wedding day details). Also a demonstration of just how MASSIVE THIS GUY’S HANDS ARE. I also love how Jordan’s dainty and stunning rings (much like the bride herself) fit right inside them. More metaphor opportunities here, but I’m gonna let those pass right on by.

Big island wedding

Jordan’s ladies took care to provide her with all the old, new, borrowed and blue she would need. Starting with diamond studs from her mom and an elegant tennis bracelet from her new mother in law.

Four seasons Hualalai

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Jordan’s dress was the perfect choice for her beach wedding. She said when she originally tried it on at Signature Bridal in St. Louis, the tulle was a true ballgown with volume for days. She had some layers removed and the result was an effervescent masterpiece, perfect for sand, wind, and sea spray. It only gets better from here, folks.

St. Louis bridal shops

Married at the Four Seasons

Shoes? We don’t need no stinkin’ shoes. (Shout out to my Dad the western lover for that reference.) Seriously though, no shoes needed for this perfect wedding day. Just a little extra bling. How many times do you get to wear FOOT JEWLERY in this life ladies?! #jelly I did get to be barefoot during the ceremony though and that was pretty cool. Very different from a quiet church where every guest can hear the tap of my shoes as I move around working, trying to be stealthy.

Beach wedding

Scott said that Jordan is always showing him up and that their wedding day was no exception. She sent him a heartfelt written note along with this absolutely fabulous photo. A photo of herself as a tiny girl, dressed as a bride, dreaming of marrying the perfect guy for her. If this could catch on and become a thing, that would be awesome, okay? Okay.

Unique groom gifts

Here’s some more of that impeccable taste I was talking about earlier. There was a little bit of drama with the tailoring on Scott’s jacket, but the Four Seasons Hualalai staff stepped up and got it squared away for him with their trademark efficiency and care. And, hey, we can’t argue with the results amiright?

Hawaii wedding photographers

Maui wedding photographers

I’m gonna be real honest here, because that’s how I roll. Jordan’s dad is just a little bit obsessed with her. Can’t hardly blame the guy, she’s pretty great. But this day was a big one for him too, so I suggested we take just a moment before heading to the ceremony to set up a first look between them. It only took about 30 extra seconds, and I think it was well worth it.

Kona wedding photographers

Honestly guys, the beach is so ugly. I don’t know why anyone would want to get married here. #sarcasm

Four Seasons Hualalai photographer

Really though, more of the incredible care provided by the Four Seasons Hualalai and Flowers by Heidi, their in-house florist.

Four seasons hualalai flowers

I never get tired of watching a groom watch his bride. Watch his face as you keep scrolling down. THIS MAN ADORES HER.

big island wedding

Hawaii wedding

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Beach wedding

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So family formal photographs are usually not the most fun part of a wedding day. But it’s a little different at the Four Season Hualalai. Beach light anyone? Don’t mind if I do. (BTW, this is literally every single person who attended their wedding. Intimate weddings ROCK.)

big island wedding photographers

Nothing to see here. Just gorgeous people, in a gorgeous place, with gorgeous light, being gorgeous.

Fun story, the guy and gal on either end are Anthony and Taylor. We photographed/videoed their bridal session in Rocky Mountain National Park last summer after they eloped randomly one day because they just couldn’t wait to be married anymore (so romantic). They are pretty amazing humans and recommend us to Anthony’s sister, Jordan, who is also, it turns out, amazing. Have I mentioned I love my job? Because I really, really do. Check out Taylor and Anthony’s mountain brunch picnic wedding on their blog post here.

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Things ran just a little behind schedule for Jordan and Scott’s Four Seasons Hualalai wedding. (Whaaaaaat? A wedding behind schedule?! I’m SHOCKED! #moresarcasm) Fortunately Jordan had the amazing good sense to schedule a day-after session, so we knew we’d have plenty of time for more couple portraits the following day (keep reading, they totally got in the ocean). But we carved out ten minutes at sunset on their wedding day just for them. There’s nothing quite like sunset on your wedding day.

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Remember when I said that thing about the way Scott looks at Jordan? REMEMBER? So, so good.

Kauai wedding

Maui wedding photographers

Next we’re off to the dramatically lit, intimate Four Seasons Hualalai reception! Tropical goodness everywhere. And *sigh* cake. I think Jordan might be my spirit animal. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a bride as in love with cake as me before I met her. If you haven’t watched their video preview yet, go do it now. Her reaction to tasting her cake is LIFE.

beach wedding reception

Four Seasons Hualalai wedding

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But wait, we’re not done yet. We had so much fun on Jordan and Scott’s wedding day that we decided to do it again the next evening. (They actually saw us four days in a row, bless them!) If you’re not sure about the timeline on your wedding day, or the weather, or you just want to add another location for your bride and groom photos, a day after session is SUCH a great solution. Just ask Jordan and Scott. Jumping into the ocean isn’t even a requirement! Though I do highly recommend it.

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Before we walked into the ocean with Jordan and Scott, Nate also literally jumped in with them (with a camera). Check out their video preview for the footage! After that we walked out into the mild water in front of Ulu Ocean Grill where Jordan proceeded to look like a mermaid.

adventure beach wedding

Hawaii beach wedding

Kauai beach wedding

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Finally, I think one takeaway here is: DON’T BE AFRAID TO GET YOUR DRESS DIRTY. Yes, you probably paid a lot for it. But you’re also probably not going to wear it again, are you? If you’re willing to jump in, take a risk, and trust me, I promise I can make magic for you.

Kauai wedding photographers

Sometimes in life, we think we know exactly what we need. But it so often turns out that we actually had no idea what we needed until it finds us. Maybe on a blind date. Jordan’s brother Anthony said on his sister’s wedding day, “Every guy gets one ‘ten’ in his life. If he’s smart, he marries her.” It looks to me like Jordan is a ten to the tenth power, Scott is pretty smart, and together they are unstoppable.

Congratulations Jordan and Scott, and thank you so so much for taking us on your adventure.

Photography: Folly Photography
Videography: Folly Photography
Venue: The Four Seasons Hualalai
Planner: Marissa Romero, The Four Seasons Hualalai
Reception Music: Keoni Thompson 
Florals: Flowers by Heidi
Catering: The Four Seasons Hualalai
Cake: The Four Seasons Hualalai
Bride attire: Signature Bridal Boutique
Groom Attire: Wedding Tropics
Video music: “Counting on You” by Mikey Wax

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