Delicate Arch Proposal | Alexa and Kyle

How do you ask someone to take the biggest adventure of your life with you? Opening with another beautiful adventure is a pretty good place to start. Kyle’s Delicate Arch proposal to Alexa was an adventure for everyone involved, including me!

When Kyle first contacted me and told me a little bit about his relationship with Alexa, I knew their proposal was going to be magical. Yes, yes, of course Delicate Arch and the whole area of Moab, Utah is a magical place anyway, but the way this guy TALKS about his girl… It’s real love people, and real love in moments like these is about as magical as it gets!

I always like to do a little scouting before a shoot when I can and make sure that I have a fresh impression of what the light is doing, what’s blooming, etc. BUT it wouldn’t do me any good to scout an hour early for a sunrise shoot! (‘Cause, you know, it’s dark…) So for Kyle’s Delicate Arch proposal I hiked the trail the day before. Then I got up at four to hike it the next morning and be at the top for sunrise. I got to hike the Delicate Arch trail two times in as many days – SO LUCKY!! Look at how pretty it is at sunrise too!

Delicate Arch

When I arrived at the top of the trail just before sunset I started searching the small crowd of fellow hikers for my “targets.” (Super secret squirrel in full force obviously.) Kyle and I locked eyes and exchanged a quick head nod behind Alexa’s back. This was the first time we’d met in person.  I continued watching them from the corner of my eye and behaved like any other photographer with a passion for dramatic rock formations. No couples photography here, folks. *whistles innocently* Well… if I could whistle I would have done it innocently at any rate.

Here you can see the adorable Alexa, using her tripod to take an epic selfie of herself and Kyle, blissfully ignorant of my master-creeper level photo skillz or the big question on the horizon.
Surprise proposal plan

Annnnnnnnd here they are taking their turn under the arch….

Proposal at arches national park

And BAM, there it is. Kyle picked the most epic location to ask Alexa to marry him. I don’t think it ever crossed her mind to say anything but, “Yes!”


Delicate Arch ProposalMoab wedding photographers
Elope in Moab

I’m an early bird by nature, so I might be a bit biased, but sunrise light is my FAVE!! But then, Alexa also said she was just a *tad* suspicious when Kyle was so determined to hike at dawn.sunrise at Delicate Arch
elope at Delicate Arch
Moab engagement photos
Engaged in Canyon lands

Oh gosh, the way these two LOOK at each other! You can just tell it’s the real deal.
Moab wedding photographers

Congratulations on your engagement Kyle and Alexa. May the rest of your wedding planning be as beautiful and seamless as Kyle’s Delicate Arch proposal!!!
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