Why Adventure Elopements Are Awesome

One thing that 2020 eventually did for everyone was clarify our priorities. Including in the matter of weddings. Covid-19 essentially cancelled large, traditional weddings with lock downs, social distancing, and gathering limits. Couples were forced to ask themselves what they cared about the most when it comes to saying “I do”. This re-evaluation has accelerated a movement that was already gaining traction even pre-covid: the rise of adventure elopements.

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Until recently the word “elopement” carried mostly negative implications. Cheap, rushed, and basically “not special” to name a few. Well, I’m here to tell you, these are not your grandma’s elopements. 

Couples are re-evaluating their priorities and how they want to spend the first day of the rest of their lives. They are turning away from large, traditional weddings with a hundred moving parts in increasing numbers. Instead they are running (or flying) towards a day that is simply a celebration of their love and the journey they want to take together. They are going epic places and doing epic things and never looking back. 

Why are these adventure elopements so awesome? What is making couples all over the world say, “Now THAT’S how I want to spend my wedding day!”? Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Reason One Why Adventure Elopements are Awesome:

Wedding Planning? What’s That?

Okay, so there is just a tiny bit of planning required, but it’s really not much more than what’s required for any average vacation. (Especially if you hire Windblown Photo and Video to document your day! We are your wedding adventure guides!) There’s no coordinating schedules of twenty plus people to find a date eighteen months away that also works for everyone. It’s just the two of you in the time and place of your choosing and making sure someone can water the plants while you’re gone. I’m assuming you don’t need a dog sitter because you are bringing them with you as your witness, right? But I digress…. 

In all seriousness, the stress of planning a traditional wedding can be overwhelming to say the least. On the other hand, planning an elopement virtually eliminates that. You can plan for next year or for next month. If life happens and your plans change then it’s much easier to make adjustments to your adventure elopement. The juggernaut of a 200 guest wedding at a traditional venue? Not so much.

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Reason Two: Your Voice, Your Priorities

With an adventure elopement, your opinion is the only one that matters. Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be there with? What do you want to eat, see, do? Only you and your partner get to decide. Start the next chapter of your story with an adventure that celebrates who you are together!

Couples planning traditional weddings often find themselves spending excessive amounts of time and money orchestrating things they don’t even care about afterwards. Do you want twenty pretty floral centerpieces? Or do you want the memory of an alpine sunrise glowing on your partner’s hair as they promise to walk with you into the future? Or the taste of the ocean on their lips as you share your first kiss as partners for life? Spend your effort, your time, your money on the things that YOU want to bring with you into your future together.

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Reason Three: It’s an ADVENTURE

It’s right there in the name. This is it! Your chance to do something EPIC together! Go somewhere you’ve dreamed of going or return to the place that took your breath away that you’ll never ever forget. Now there’s nothing holding you back. And there will never be a better excuse. Let’s have an adventure!!

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Reason Four Why Adventure Elopements Are Awesome: It’s Easy To Share (How You Want)

Both the appeal and the drawback of eloping for most couples is the absence of other people. Maybe you don’t want to spend an entire day being “on stage” and the center of attention, or maybe there are complicated family situations that make a wedding more pain than pleasure. Whatever the reason, the idea of saying, “I do,” just to your partner and no one else is eminently preferable. I get it. You will not miss the big venue or the big crowd. Sometimes, however, couples have a slight twinge of regret that they will not get to share their wedding joy with the other important people in their life. Or maybe there’s pressure from your loved ones to include them in the experience. That’s where your documentary team comes in!

In addition to guiding you through the adventure elopement planning process and ensuring an elopement experience that is unforgettable, we are there primarily to document your one and only wedding day. We will capture all the details and moments that make your day unique to you. We are with you to tell the story of your wedding adventure in a way that is authentic, immersive, and joyful. Then we give that story to you. And you can take your photos and your video and share your wedding day when and how you choose with the people who will be the happiest for you.

(By the way, if you like the idea of nixing the big traditional wedding but can’t imagine The Best Day Ever without a handful of the most important people in your life, a micro wedding might be the perfect fit! Read about why micro weddings are awesome here!)

The goal for us at Windblown Photo and Video is to empower couples to plan wedding days that are unapologetically YOU. We are tired of seeing couples planning large traditional weddings just to appease the other people in their lives and then not even enjoying them. You are getting married for YOU and your wedding day should reflect that! We want to help you plan an adventure that celebrates who you are and what you care about and to walk (or fly) away from all the things that don’t. 

Our passports are ready. Let’s have an adventure!

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