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So Earin and Andrea have a real problem. And no, it’s not frostbite from their insanely cold but insanely beautiful snowstorm engagement photos. It’s an issue called can’t-be-serious-itis. (Can you tell I… I mean my three year old…. has been watching a lot of Doc McStuffins?)

For engagement sessions I usually like to capture a mixture of quiet, emotional moments and honest to goodness belly laughs along with all those moments in between. But THESE TWO just can’t wipe the joy off their faces, not even for two minutes. It’s like, SO annoying. But, it’s also really understandable.

Snowstorm engagement photosEarin and Andrea were friends for a long time before they became a couple. Actually Andrea was 100% convinced that Earin hated her beautiful guts for a little while after they first met. But maybe I’ll save that story for their wedding blog…. The point is, it’s been a long journey for the two of them to get here, on the precipice of promising forever together, so it’s not really a surprise that the excitement just shines out of them.

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When Earin texted me about their engagement session and said they definitely wanted snow engagement photos to contrast with their summer wedding, I looked out the window. It was coming down fast and hard and I knew there wouldn’t be a snowier weekend (spoiler alert, there actually was). Especially if that lying little groundhog actually stayed true to his word and brought us an early spring (spoilier alert, he didn’t). I said, “Welllllll, what are you doing tomorrow?”

These ladies were such troopers. I don’t know if you’re aware, but snowstorm engagement photos are REALLY FLIPPING COLD. I think was 2 degrees when we wrapped up and climbed numbly back into our cars. No, that’s not a typo. No, I didn’t mean 22 degrees. TWO DEGREES.

I was dressed for the weather, but Andrea and Earin, hell bent on being adorable, definitely were not. It never slowed them down though. They were game to try whatever I threw at them. Though, to be fair, I didn’t need to throw much. Mostly I told them to snuggle in close, which they were understandably eager to do given the weather and all.

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Here is a perfect example of their malady, can’t-be-serious-itis. They managed to keep it together for about .5 seconds (on the left) before someone said something that made the happiness spill all over the place (on the right). But, let’s be honest, which photo do you like better? How do you look at that one on the right and not smile yourself?Colorado wedding photographers

Despite the cold and the extreme case of excessive happiness we really did end our snowstorm engagement photos with a nice balance of posed and real, quiet and raucous photos.

And, man, you really can’t beat all that snow coating the pine needles.

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Here’s one final shot of Andrea and Earin being their honest to goodness selves. This one might not make it into a frame, but it sure does make me happy. And it makes me so, so excited for their July brunch wedding. (Yep, brunch. Best meal of the day. So excited. Make sure you come back for that one.) Sometimes photos like these are the ones that tell you the most about a couple and why they belong together.

Yeah, Earin and Andrea have a real problem. But it’s actually not a problem at all. In fact my original diagnosis might have been totally wrong.

Maybe it’s not can’t-be-serious-itis.

It might actually be a case of true-love-atosis.

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